A new start(?)

While I have been hiatus of writing for the past few months, I think I’ve found my spirit again of writing. Along with my brand new website (that you are currently looking at right now), it will be a great new start, a new reset of my writing journey.


Heart surely can change over time. But in my case, I think I have enough things that I put in my personal (physical) journal that I write every day, and I need to share it with the world. Not much, and not sure whether it’ll be helpful or not, but I just need to do it anyway.

What it’ll be

If you ask me what my journals will be, my answer is: “It’ll be a mess”. My intention is to put as many things as possible, as often as possible. It might be technical articles, it might be some random thoughts of mine, it can be anything.

While it might be worthless, I think having a habit of writing down anything can surely be a great asset of mine. Not just in my personal life, but also in my professional life.

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