A Background

I consider myself to be quite a productive guy. And of course, that statement is self-proclaimed. But, I’ve got quite a nice systems that works great for me and I’ve crafted and gathered a lot of tools that can help me to be even more productive.

But no matter how well the environments around us are, sometimes the problem is within us. Sometimes we just want to lay in bed, reading random HackerNews articles, watching a random dude reacting to any tech stuff, or something similar even though we know back in our mind we have things to do.

And I’m no exception to that.

A Realization

While doing some cleanups to my dotfiles, I realised that I’ve changed my terminal and my Neovim quite often.

And every single time I’ve made a change to that, I’ve felt productive. I’ve tried a quick look at my GitHub contributions graph, and the contribution amount backs this up.

I’ve tried to analyze my coding behaviour in the past. I tried to compare the day when I made a ‘look’ changes and the impact on the contributions:

# Find the latest 'look' changes
 git log --pretty=format:"%h %ad %s" --date=format:'%Y-%m-%d' --grep='\(theme\|font\|color\|gruvbox\|cat\)'

The result:

1867ecf 2024-02-02 feat(alacritty): try to use `Monaspace Radon` font
0edd3a3 2024-02-02 fix(bat): add default theme color
ad8e41d 2024-01-25 feat: adjust themes
25c26a6 2024-01-15 feat(nvim): add gruvbox themes
a4e5c98 2024-01-15 feat(iterm2): add gruvbox baby themes
e4332fc 2023-12-11 feat(nvim): regular update & change theme to `catppuccin`
43385c6 2023-11-07 feat(iterm2): use `JetBrains Mono NL` font
78205fb 2023-10-24 feat: add iterm gruvbox light, make nvim transparent
21abbe3 2023-10-20 fix(vim): adjust fold indicator and add max line in `treesitter-context`
a6c0fd1 2023-09-17 feat(nvim, kitty): change theme and addtelescope `cmdline` extension

# And many more

An Exciting Results

After some analysis (read: ‘throw a bunch of numbers to a random Google Sheets’), here’s the overview:

Date of Appearance ChangesContributions on That DayWeekly AvgNote
02 Feb 2024218
25 Jan 20241011.5
15 Jan 20242011.5
11 Dec 2023537.4Outliar
07 Nov 202392
24 Oct 202353.7
20 Oct 202372.8

As you can see, for the past half a year back, almost every single day that I’ve made some changes to my appearance configurations, weirdly enough the amount of contributions on that day is quite high.

Oftentimes, the the amount of contributions will last for the next few days even stay for a whole week or two.

The Tweaks

So, what on earth I’ve done? Well, quite simply I just changed the font size, font family, colour scheme/theme, and other little stuff that I’m sure a lot of people will find weird (me included).

But I don’t know why, every single time I’ve made those tweaks, I felt so energised. Like I’m ready to conquer the world. Heck, even this article was made after a font change.

What’s next?

I don’t know. I’m just curious to explore more tweaks that I can use to just simply be more productive.

I hope it’s useful 😉.

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